People with extra need for assistance

Notices for restricted mobility:

For pedestrians, wheelchair users, people with strollers or others who have difficulty with stairs, at the level of the car deck is a passenger lounge with 12 seats and a disabled toilet. In this salon there is enough floor space for you to move from wheelchair to the seats, or place a walker in the salon and sit on that chairs.

For people in cars who need this salon, two parking spaces are marked right in front of and just behind the salon door. These seats can be booked on the internet by putting a "D" (decksalon) after the car number. So the crew knows that the car should be parked close to the decksalon. You can also call +49 73707800 for assistance with booking a seat.

Assistance at the gangway and in the deck lounge:

At extremely high or low tide, where the bridge flap can be difficult to climb for pedestrians, the crew is standing and guiding passengers aboard or ashore offer their assistance if requested, or even observe that someone has problems with the slope of the bridge flap.

After departure, the ship assistant goes through the deck lounge and asks the passengers in the salon if they have any need or assistance. This could, for example, be to help buying something from the vending machines just above the stairs.

Upon arrival, it is also ensured that passengers in the main deck lounge will be offered assistance to leave the ferry if needed.