Passengers in need of extra assistance

Notices for restricted mobility:

For pedestrians, wheelchair users, people with strollers or others who have difficulty with stairs, a passenger lounge with 12 seats as well as a handicap toilet is situated at the same level as the car deck.

This lounge area offers adaquate floor space for you to move from wheelchair to the seats, or place a walker in the lounge and take a seat in our comfortable chairs.

For passengers in cars who in need of this lounge, two parking spaces are marked right in front of and just behind the entrance. These spaces can be booked online simply by putting a "D" (decksalon) after the license plate when booking.. Our crew will then make sure that you can park close to the decksalon. You can also call +45 7370 7800 should you need assistance with your booking

Assistance at the gangway and in the deck lounge:

In case of very high or low tide, the gangway can be a bit difficult to climb for pedestrians, our crew on deck is always happy to offer their assistance if needed.

After departure, the ship assistant will pass through the deck lounge and check if any in the salon should be in need of assistance. 

Upon arrival, it is also ensured that passengers in the main deck lounge are offered assistance to leave the ferry if needed.