Construction phase

Follow the process of the new ferry

News 30th November 2019

Inauguration "ÆrøXpressen"

News 29th November 2019

Arrival "ÆrøXpressen" 

News October 3rd 2019

Update: Freshly painted ferry in Hvide Sande.

News September 23th 2019

Freshly painted ferry in Hvide Sande.

News June 11th 2019

Latest pictures from Hvide Sande of the deck, the main salon and the wheelhouse.

News May 9th 2019

Then came ÆrøXpressen through the lock in Hvide Sande.

News May 2nd 2019

The towing of our newbuilding from Riga to Hvide Sande is a walk of approx. 800 miles. The tugboat "Baltsund" is responsible for the task, which has started from the yard in Riga today.

Her kan du følge "Baltsund" på turen: "Baltsund" IMO 9136307

News April 19th 2019

New video from Riga about the construction of Ærøxpressen. Occupied by Flemming Boye.

News April 12th 2019


News April 5th 2019

Launching in Riga

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News February 05th 2019

Film from Riga: The construction of Ærøxpressen. The film is recorded by Flemming Boye, Marstal.

News January 17th 2019

Winter photos from the yard in Riga. Construction is progressing according to plan. The expectation holds that it will come to Hvide Sande Shipyard in May.

News January 2nd 2019

The new year begins with a fresh update of the ferry building in Riga.

Happy New Year to everyone.

News December 14th 2018

Latest new photos from Riga. The superstructure takes shape.


News December 7th 2018

New pictures from ferry building in Riga.

The bottom sections are assembled.

News November 3rd 2018

Latest new pictures from the ferry building in Riga

News October 2nd 2018

New pictures of ferry construction in Riga.

News September 7th 2018

The construction of Ærøxpressen has started in RIGA.

The ferry is expected to be towed for completion at Hvide Sande Shipyard in spring 2019.